Queen Creek Emergency Communications Group Hosts Technician Class License Training and Testing

The Queen Creek Emergency Communications Group will be hosting a two day training class consisting of two (4) hour sessions and a testing session immediately following the second training session. This is in support of requests made by two local faith based groups. There should be room for others as well. If you know of someone that might be interested, please pass on the following information and have them contact Bruce, KF6EZT, or me, N2QOJ, to register.

Here is detailed information on location, what to bring for testing, and the material one would need to download and study:

May 17th, 8 AM till 12 Noon - QC Library, Zane Grey Conference Room, Northwest Entrance
4 hour training session only

May 24th, 8 AM till 2 PM - Town Council Chambers (this is where QCECG normally meets)

4 hour training session plus testing session after training till 2 PM. Technician class test takers will need to bring $15 and photo ID. Upgraders will need to bring their original FCC class license (and CSCE, if any), a copy of the same, a photo ID, and $15.

A headcount in advance is absolutely required. The library classroom only holds 20-30 people.

All possible attendees must do their self instruction and online practice testing in advance.

The training sessions alone will not get the job done.

Here's a link to the PowerPoint Presentation Show that we will be using:

http://bkbarnes.com/HamRadio/Training Material and Q&A - very good.ppsx

Here's a link to several Technician Study guides:


http://bkbarnes.com/HamRadio/Technician License - Study Guide.pdf

http://bkbarnes.com/HamRadio/Technician License - test questions and answers.pdf

http://bkbarnes.com/HamRadio/Technician class Notes.pdf

This is the information you need to relate regarding practice testing online, on your smart device, etc.:

- http://www.qrz.com/hamtest/ – You’ll need to register to use the site, and then look
under the Resources pull down menu and select Practice Amateur Radio Exams. Be sure you
then select the 2010 Technician Exam Practice Test.

- eHam.net http://www.eham.net/exams/

- Technician class question pool: http://www.ncvec.org/page.php?id=349

- Android apps (go to Play Store for them)

- Ham Radio Study http://www.appbrain.com/app/ham-radiostudy/com.tango11.hamstudy

- Amateur Radio Exams 1.0 Free http://www.appbrain.com/app/amateur-radio-exams-1-free/com.cstructor.arexam

- PalmVE http://www.palmve.net/ - This is an Android app.

- iPhone apps – check iTunes app store. I’ve seen training apps, but none for free.

I recommend the QRZ.com practice exams.

The following is a paid service but a very good value with guaranteed results:


Important: All these study materials refer to the current Technician question pool. It expires at the end of June.

The testing session will be conducted by Fred, AB7JF, and his East Valley VE Team (and our local volunteers). Thanks Fred!